This site is dedicated to the support and encouragement of the struggling resident physician.  Residents who are on probation or find themselves spiraling closer to termination are in a terrible position.  They have graduated from college, graduated from medical school, and made it into a residency training program.  Yet despite the years of hard work and discipline that have brought them this far, many of them feel as if they are on the verge of losing everything.  It can be a very isolating and lonely road.  Most people have no idea what you’re living through, or simply don’t care.  The stakes are very high, and the tolerance for mistakes is lower than ever. I hope that this site can be a haven of support, encouragement, mentoring, and strategizing for those who need it. 

**Consults are on hold.  The website will remain available for reference and to help all in need.  But I do not have the ability to field phone calls and emails at the moment. ** 

Helping Struggling Medical and Surgical residents