Attorney Recommendations

This will be a work in progress, it is my attempt to identify, research, and recommend attorneys who are best suited to help you in whatever state you are in.  Yes, it is ambitious, but I think that it is a solid next step.  Please feel free to send me any recommendations if you have had experience with an attorney who is familiar with these types of issues. 


Moscone, Elblidge and Otis LLC

I found litigation between an Orthopedic Surgeon represented by this firm and Sequoia Health Services over the revocation after an unfavorable peer review. 
Andrews and Hensleigh LLC

They refer to themselves as healthcare attorneys and reside in Los Angeles.  They achieved a great victory against Selma Community Hospital when they attempted what appears to be sham peer review against a successful Family Medicine/ER doctor named Brenton Smith. 

Law Office of Stephen D. Schear

This attorney practices out of Oakland, and specializes in health law.  I found him through the case Fahlen v.  Sutter Central Valley Hospitals.  Fahlen alleged that he was the victim of sham peer review after he made the hospital administration angry.

Jeffers, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell

This is a huge law firm that has been around for 30 years.  Offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County. 

Baker, Keener & Nahra

This is a Los Angeles based firm that I found through a case where they represented a reputable skull base surgeon after his privileges were suspended under questionable circumstances.

Rosenberg, Shpall & Associates

Based out of San Francisco, health care law is one of their specialties.   They list the following issues in their repertoire:  Wrongful termination, Medical board accusation, Medical license/hospital privilege disputes. 


Kinnally, Flaherty, Loran, Hodge & Masur

This is a large law firm that works out of Chicago, I found them through a case from 2004  involving a doctor filing lawsuit for damages when her hospital failed to remove her from the National Provider Data Bank.  She won a lot of cash.

Zimmerman Law Offices

Law office out of Chicago.  Appears to be very successful, with several of his client's stories in the media.  I found this group when I reviewed a case of a Family Medicine Doctor filing suit after having his credentials revoked based on some cases where his patient care was called into question. 

Mathew W. Rathsack

This is a reputable attorney with a small law firm.  I found him after reviewing a case from 2004 where he represented a heart surgeon who had his clinical privileges revoked. 

Goldberg Law Group, LLC

This group proclaims itself 'experienced in healthcare, professional licensing, and family law.'  I found them when I reviewed a case where a physician was claiming that the revocation of his privileges represented a violation of the
 Whistle Blower Act.

Medical Residency Advocacy Group

A trio of attorneys who focus on residency related legal disputes.  They are licensed in Illinois, but it is possible that they can help you through a proxy in any state that you may be having an issue in.   ** Proceed with caution and consider other options first.  I was told that this group is rather expensive, and in the doctor felt as if she was not given much in exchange for the high costs that she paid.  


Brown Goldstein Levy 

I found them through a case involving a doctor filing suit against a hospital that rescinded her clinical privileges.  They defended her very well, but she did lose the case.  The judges appeared to empathize with her despite making a decision against her.  

David Branch 

This attorney represented an Ortho Surgery resident terminated from Johns Hopkins.  She went on to graduate from Ortho at UT, but ended up losing the case.  Regardless of her losing the case the attorney, David Branch,  is experienced in arguing residency issues and should be contacted if you think that you need an attorney to help you with a residency issue.  

South Carolina

Hinnant Medical & Law Offices

They appear to be a super force of doctor lawyers ideally suited for dealing with an issue like unlawful residency termination.  It appears that they provide legal consultations to attorneys in other states, so even if you're not in South Carolina, maybe you can give them a call.  


McWhorter, Cobb, and Jonshon LLP

This group has represented a fellow in a lawsuit before.  They appear to know some stuff about dealing with the GME system.  Give them a try. 

The Bach Law Group

This law group represented a medical student who was separated from Med school in his third year based on the evaluations that he received from several attending physicians evaluating him during his internal medicine rotations.   He alleged racial and disability discrimination (Indian ethnicity with attention deficit).   The case was dismissed, and the medical student lost, but many of the same issues at play in his case would be similar in a case of resident termination.  For that reason, I believe that this is a good attorney to speak with if you believe that you need legal representation for a residency issue.  


Hammond, Sewards & Williams

This is a group working out of Columbus.  I found them when I reviewed a case of a doctor being disciplined by the State Medical Board. 

Graff & McGovern, LPA

"Protecting licensed professionals for over 25 years" is what they say on the website.  I found them by reviewing a wrongful termination lawsuit that a surgical resident filed against Youngstown Ohio Hospital Company.

New York

Thomas M. Lancia, PLLC 

This attorney represented an Albanian woman in a lawsuit against her Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship program that refused to grant her a graduation certificate despite her completing the rotations required to graduate.  She alleged discrimination and of course, the burden of proof for discrimination is, in my opinion, unreasonably high.  So the case was dismissed.  But this is an attorney who knows how to deal with residency issues.  So for that reason, I recommend contacting him.  

Jonathan Bell Law 

This fine attorney represented a female OB/GYN resident dealing with depression and residency at the same time.  She asserted that she as discriminated against because she was disabled, and that she was subjected to a hostile work environment.  I'm not a legal expert, but the language in the case summary that I read appears to state that she withdrew her complaint at some point.  Regardless, Mr. Jonathan Bell put in the work and understands residency training and employment law.  He is a good guy to call if you believe that you need legal representation.  

Vladeck, Raskin, & Clark, PC 

This team represented a resident by the name of Adam Sandler, M.D. No joke.  I'm sure that only added to this young man's issues.  He was a neurosurgery resident and I do not think that this case is completely resolved just yet.  But, the point is, these guys understand residency and can help you with your issues if you believe that you need an attorney.