Contribute to the Cause

I have created this site to support the struggling resident.  I feel that as someone who has lived and learned about a path that few will ever have to navigate, it is my duty to share what I know.  The website costs roughly $200 annually, which I am perfectly willing to absorb.  My wife, however, does not see it that way and says that I need to find a way to reduce the cost of this project. 

If you have found the website helpful, then donate whatever you are willing to give.  If you just want to support residents caught in tough situations, feel free to donate as well.  All funds will go towards upkeep of the website.  Any funds raised beyond the annual bill will be rolled over to the next year.  Any large amounts of money donated will be used to help support former residents who have faced financial hardship because a wrongful or questionable termination. 

If you fall into that category, please drop me a line at and tell me about your situation.